Saturday, October 6, 2007

Sick and Tired

Today Austin was sick with a fever. It wasn't one of those fevers where he's all lethargic and sadly pathetic. It was the kind where to feel him, yes he's hot, but he's also on the floor with his toy car racing around on his pretend race track. He was also on the computer playing on nickjr and noggin. He is fascinated by the games on these websites, especially the ones where you watch plants and flowers grow by picking the seeds and adding the food and water and then they magically grow and become beautiful. Totally fascinating for him!

But the good part, the really, really good part was he took a LONNNGGG nap. I am talking 4 hours!!!! And the reason that was such a great thing was because I was so tired today. I went out with my friend last night, which is rare to begin with that I went out without someone attached to me and stayed out way later than normal. We would normally go out at 7 which is a much more reasonable time but she went to a fair and didn't get back until almost 9 and since I was still in the mood to go out, left at that time.

I did regret it in the morning when I only had about four hours sleep when Austin woke up and needed "mommy attention". But like I said, a nap like that was exactly what I needed. How selfish of me to be happy he took that nap, but really, as I sit here and try to justify it, he needed the sleep, right? It was good for him! Well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it anyway, so there.

Hopefully tomorrow things will be back to normal and my little germy child will be all better. One can hope, right?

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