Monday, October 15, 2007

Enough Already

I was quietly hiding in the bathroom because sometimes that is the only place on this entire green earth that I can truly have a minute to myself. That lasted for approximately 42 seconds before the pounding on the door started. My ninja four year old was kicking the door because he had to go to the bathroom. Mind you, there are 2 other bathrooms in the house, but he had to use this bathroom and it had to be NOW.

Flash back 20 minutes before this to my 13 year old whining, yes, whining still at 13 about how unfair life is or something like that because I honestly had stopped listening. Really all I heard was, blah, blah, whine, blah, blah, whine, ... you get my point. Why can't I get a tattoo? Really, no, that's not really what it was about, it was something about why she couldn't go somewhere but still the answer was "no" and that was it. Then came the whole thing about how I don't understand, and I am not listening to her and I just don't care about her. The drama of a teenage girl.

Rewind 10 minutes before that to my husband, who I guess was trying to help because he was going to be cooking some form of food. But really I would have preferred to cook it myself instead of every twenty seconds being asked if I know where the bowl is and where is the spatula and do we have butter, Is the dishwasher clean?


So there I was trying to hide out in the bathroom when even that wasn't safe. Didn't they get that I had had enough already? I couldn't deal with one more person complaining or asking me another question. I just needed a minute to myself but apparently I wasn't going to get that. So I left my sanctuary, um... the bathroom, and went back into the wolf's den.

My son got to go pee in the best bathroom in the house, the spatula, butter and bowl were all found, the crisis of staying home and not being at a friend's house was over and dinner was served.

What do you do when enough is enough??


lillaursstuff said...

This needs to be the year of Lilmis. There is a book Eat Pray and Love. Although you may not be able to travel to Italy--it is relavant! The meaning is INDULGENCE-GUILT FREE Indulgence. Why do we always think that they we need to deserve to be happy or desrve a treat or reward??? Isn't happiness what of our constitutional rights?

Also-get out of this situation. Every minuite you spend is a minute lost that you can never get back. I have a feeling that you have friends family and loved ones to help you thru it.

lillaursstuff said...

Sorry about all the spelling errors