Monday, October 8, 2007

"New Hampster"

Austin has been obsessed lately about dying, everything from how people die, where they died, why they died, you name it, he asks. He has a fascination about cemetary's too, I guess it's a four year old thing. Everytime we go by one, he wants to go in it. I know I have to break down and bring him in so he'll stop but truthfully, I try to stay as far away from them as possible.

The other day Austin asked his father where his father died. My husband not wanting to go into the details that his father died in Virginia but lived most of his life in New Hampshire and was cremated and his ashes are in New Hampshire told him simply he died in New Hampshire. He seemed satisfied with that and we didn't hear anymore about it. Well, the next day we go to visit my sister at her house. We are all sitting on the deck eating lunch and chit chatting when my sweet little baby tells my sister that his grandpa died. "Oh, he did?", obviously already knowing but pretending she didn't. And Austin, looking like a little angel with his face all serious and tells her, "yes, grandpa was sick and he died in "New Hampster". My sister, trying to keep a straight face says, "um, where did he die?". "New Hampster"

Gotta love those little babes, they keep us smiling!

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