Wednesday, February 6, 2008

No Teacher's Pet Here

So… going back to high school even for an Open House for my daughter still makes me nervous, I could feel a pimple already forming on my chin. Haley and I got to the high school at promptly 6:30 and filed into the auditorium in single file like the rest of the herd. I had my first kickboxing introduction class (more about that later) at 8:00 so I decided that I would go with Haley for an hour, sit in the back and if the speeches lasted to long, I would sneak out. I already have a stepson here for the past three years so I felt I had insight on this already but Haley needed to come and see for herself. So to the back we went, big mistake. Did I forget to tell you that all the punks sit in the back seats? You know the ones, they think they are so cool and have comments for everything and won’t shut up so you can’t hear a word the Principal is saying. The ones I am sure I would have been desperately and totally attracted to when I was that age and since at that time; seriously, did I really care what the Principal was saying? Nope, teenage boys were all I cared about back then. So where was I…, oh yeah, we weren’t sitting in the auditorium five minutes when the vice principal walked up and told them if they didn’t stop fooling around he was kicking them out. And of course, I am the only adult back there and feel like I am the one getting scolded and I feel two inches big. “No sir, all ten boys sitting behind me are not mine”, and “yes, honestly, they aren’t mine, I’m sure…so stop looking at me like I did something wrong” Geezz. I’m not that easy!