Monday, October 22, 2007


I had a hot date Saturday afternoon. He kept asking for months if it was time yet, "nope", a few more weeks, I kept telling him. Finally, Saturday was the day!!! Just me and my favorite little guy, off to see "The Wiggles". Some hot date, right? Shockingly, we had a really fun time together. We got there a little early, actually really early, like they wouldn't even let us in yet but the last time we were at this theater we had just had an enormous snow storm and we missed the first ten minutes of the show and I was bound and determined not to have that happen again. But that would have been highly unlikely to happen again since it was about 70 degrees and sunny, no snow in sight!

So they finally let us in and we go right over to the stand that is selling all the crap that ever kid wants. T-shirts, hats, toys... everything imaginable. My little Eddie Van Halen picks the stuffed guitar, looks like a guitar but doesn't make noise, my idea of the perfect guitar for a four year old!

Then on to the bathroom and then snack time. It's a big day so we splurge, nachos with cheese and salsa, hot dog, two drinks and twizzlers for the show. This theater doesn't really have tables to eat at so we decide to have a picnic tucked away in a corner in the theater. So we plop ourselves down and eat our feast.

They mercifully let us go in to our seats and we take the whole scene in, we see the drum set, guitar - yes Murray's guitar- Austin couldn't believe it, he was really getting excited. All the scenery, we talk about what we think they are going to use the big pirate rope for, hint - in case you don't have a preschooler, Captain Feathersword is going to be there.

Now it's finally time for the show to start. There is singing, dancing and lots of entertainment going on and I have the best seat in the house. My star struck baby on my lap, singing and dancing along with them, playing his stuffed guitar and he is totally unaware of just how utterly in love I am with him at that moment.

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