Friday, January 25, 2008

Change - maybe not

I feel change in the air. Something in the pit of my stomach. Like something is going to happen, I don’t know what, where or how… just something. An unsure feeling to say the least. I look at it two ways: 1- maybe it will be something good or for the better or B- maybe I’m just wrong. Something bad happening is not an option, I refuse to let that enter my thoughts. Positive thinking is what I have decided. Yup, the world has no choice but to listen, ‘cause I said so. (…excuse me for a second) Okay, I’m back – I just had to knock on something wood because fate was just laughing at me and if I didn’t knock quickly it would surely hit me with lightening this very second. Oh yeah, positive thinking. I’m trying to think positive; half glass full, the sun is shining, blah, blah blah. Obviously I have work to do on this positive thinking thing. I do however try to wake up every morning with a smile on my face and think of how fortunate that I am healthy and my family is healthy and that’s what is important. See that, by writing this that feeling in my stomach feels less like a pit and more like a seedling.

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