Wednesday, May 7, 2008

5 the magic number

A's birthday was Monday. Officially 5 and man am I using it to the fullest. 5 year olds put their wrappers in the garbage, 5 year olds sleep in their bed all night, 5 year olds don't crawl under the table at the restaurant. I think he is wishing he never turned 5, I actually heard him say he was still 4. I have to lay off I think now or it's not going to work anymore.

But that made me realize; it was today, 5 years ago that I brought him home from the hospital and the first time he was ever in this house. It seems he's always been here. We were at a restaurant for dinner tonight and he had a hand-me-down shirt on with a picture of a USA Flag and 2001 underneath it and I thought... he wasn't even alive then.

Crazy that you can't imagine when you’re pregnant who this person is going to be like and then you have him and you can't think of life without him.

Happy Birthday A!!

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